Friends of the Ten Mile

coastal salmon stream

An former affiliate of the
Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance

Friends of the Ten Mile is inactive and no longer affiliated with RCWA.
coastal salmon stream

Friends of the Ten Mile (FOTTM) members have successfully resisted commercialization of the undeveloped estuary and neighboring MacKerricher Natural Dune Preserve. They have protected the forests by commenting on and litigating THPs, lobbying for stream monitoring and participating in the TMDL process.

FOTTM sponsored the "Birdfeeder Hat Project" to educate the public about watersheds. They're currently working with CalTrans to insure the Ten Mile Bridge re-build will be as environmentally sound and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Also FOTTM is protecting the Natural Dune Preserve from the negative impacts of a 7,000 square foot mega-mansion.

Friends of the Ten Mile
PO Box 1006
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
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