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RCWA (say: reck' wah) is an alliance of citizen organizations on ridges, valleys and waterways of the Mendocino Coast. We are a tax exempt non-profit organization.

RCWA was formed to support its affiliate organizations with their outreach and education regarding the sustainability and protection of our local resources.

Each affiliate of the Alliance works within its governance structure and ours to preserve its regional environmental objectives. In addition, each affiliate nominates a representative to act as a Director for the RCWA Board, where our objective is to keep the non-profit corporation functional with a balanced budget.

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While we have been primarily focused on the protection of forest, water quality and fishery resources, we've also been involved in limiting the use of toxics, restricting GMO seed propagation, and advocating for reasonable land use planning.

If you are a group of citizens concerned about resource protection through science and public education, are based on the redwood coast, and need affiliation with a tax exempt non-profit organization, we might be able to work together. We know that the more who join us, the stronger we all become.

And of course you do (and so do your kids), we urge you to contact us. If you believe resources are being poorly managed, depleted or taken in quantities that are not sustainable, we welcome your contact and will get back to you.

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You'll see that we keep the organization together with no more than a thread. Virtually all funds collected go to our work. None of us are paid, and we all contribute to keep going.

- Norman L. de Vall
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